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0 – 10 weeks (Cot/Bassinette)

You are frustrated, overwhelmed and exhausted. You need help now! We provide video consultation and daily coaching (14 days) Worldwide. We believe no mother or family should ever feel like there is no one there to help them.

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This plan includes:

  • 14 Day Step-by-Step Sleep Plan
  • A detailed sleeping plan will be prepared for you (Age appropriate)
  • We use the “Camp out” method to Sleep Train babies. With the “Camp out” method you sit next to your baby’s cot until he/she falls asleep and then you can leave the room. This method reduces separation anxiety.
  • A Sleep Log will be provided to track your progress

  • We discuss all the changes that needs to happen in order for this program to work for you and your baby/toddler
  • We go through the sleep plan step-by-step so you understand and know exactly what to do during the 14 day program
  • We discuss strategies and troubleshooting
  • Learn how to address:
    • Daytime routine & Naps
    • Bedtime routine & Bedtime
    • Night wakings & Feeding
    • Teething
    • Baby unwell
  • We also discuss:
    1. How to swaddle a baby
    2. Create a sleep sanctuary (Nursery)
    3. How much sleep does a baby need
    4. Sleep associations
    5. Crying

Please read these articles about Why sleep is important for your baby and Straight talk about crying. When someone understands why something is important and happening, the commitment to continuous is better.

It’s very important to have a solid understanding of how sleep works, why your baby is not sleeping well, the changes that needs to happen to improve your baby’s sleep and how to maintain this.  If someone understands why something is happening, the commitment to continuous is better.

Now, I know that tired parents don’t like to read through thick, boring books, that’s why I made videos.  You can sit back, relax and just listen. I separated all the videos so you can come back later and only listen to the video you need to hear again.

Video content

  1. Introduction
  2. Sleep Associations
  3. Crying
  4. Bedtime Routine
  5. Problem Solving
  6. Twins/triplets

Daily coaching videos will be available to watch.

On Day 0, I will explain to you exactly what to expect on Night 1 and how to prepare for it. Once you’ve done Night 1, there will be daily coaching videos (for 14 days) available to watch.  In these videos I will discuss what the expected outcome could have been the previous night, what you can expect for the day (day naps) and preparing you for the next night.

Very handy sleep tips (Like this one) will be emailed to you weekly until you decide to unsubscribe.

100% Money Back Guarantee Terms & Conditions

I shall give you a 100% Money Back Guarantee if your baby/toddler doesn’t sleep through the night within the 14-day time frame of the program

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Your baby/toddler must be between 7 months and 24 months. No Guarantee for younger babies or older toddlers
  2. Your baby/toddler must be in a cot (if your baby is in a toddler bed or bed you can move him back into a cot on night 1 of the program)
  3. You must follow my program and recommendations 100%
  4. You must complete your sleep log for 14 days. To claim your money back you must provide me with your sleep log as proof.

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Immediate access after purchase

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